Total Races: 125, Marathons: 83, Ultra: 1, Countries: 22, Continents: 7

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Father of the Groom speech

My son Dr. Sravisht Iyer's wedding - Sitges, Barcelona, May 7, 2016

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Where have I run?

Unsolicited advice..

Don’t pay attention to the haloed training programs touted by experts; Ignore the pros and cons of barefoot running vs. running with cushioned vs. minimalist shoes; Restrain from getting caught in an insanity or orgasm (former or latter depends on how emotionally stable you are) inducing debate about when to carb-load and which energy gel is friendly on your intestinal walls; Don’t get stuck in an infinite loop of googling what fitness watch measures your heart-rate and cadence to a 3-digit precision; Resign to the fact that you are never going to be able to run a 5-minute mile; Don’t get overwhelmed by the most irrelevant stats about less than 1% of world’s population running a Marathon; Don’t let your ego get “Viagara”ized by the dumbest statements such as “finishing is all that matters” camouflaged as inspirational quotes; Just keep reminding yourself that running (and flooding FB with every trivia about your running) is a completely egotistical activity and fitness just happens to be a happy side-effect; Just put on a pair of shoes and start running one mile at a time.

Most of us runners unless we are sub 5-minute a mile Olympians talk and post intolerable and narcissistic shit all the time so your path to enlightenment may be to unfriend (or unfollow) us and find other pleasurable ways to get inspired to be fit and financially prudent.

My Race Destinations in 2016 !!

  • January - Bahamas

    January - Bahamas

  • March - Barcelona

    March - Barcelona

  • March - Baltimore, MD

    March - Baltimore, MD

  • March - Clayton, NM

    March - Clayton, NM

  • April - Vienna

    April - Vienna

  • April - Olathe, KS

    April - Olathe, KS

  • April - Monterey, CA (Big Sur)

    April - Monterey, CA (Big Sur)

  • May - Ft. Collins, CO

    May - Ft. Collins, CO

  • May - Biddeford, ME (50th State !!)

    May - Biddeford, ME (50th State !!)

  • June - Stockholm

    June - Stockholm

  • June - Tromso, Norway

    June - Tromso, Norway

  • July - Davos (Swiss Alpine)

    July - Davos (Swiss Alpine)

  • August - Reykjavik, Iceland

    August - Reykjavik, Iceland

  • September - Sydney

    September - Sydney

  • September - Washington DC

    September - Washington DC

  • October - Chicago, IL

    October - Chicago, IL

  • October - Niagara Falls, Canada

    October - Niagara Falls, Canada

  • November - Auckland, Newzealand

    November - Auckland, Newzealand

  • November - Antarctica (Ice Marathon - 7th Continent !!)

    November - Antarctica (Ice Marathon - 7th Continent !!)

  • December - Cayman Islands

    December - Cayman Islands

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