Race Stats

as of December 3, 2017

Number of races: 147

Marathons: 101

Ultra: 1

Half-Marathons: 31

Continents: 7

Countries: 27

States (USA): 50


Unsolicited advice for recreational runners

  • Don’t pay attention to the haloed training programs touted by experts
  • Ignore the pros and cons of barefoot running vs. running with cushioned vs. minimalist shoes
  • Restrain from getting caught in an insanity or orgasm (former or latter depends on how emotionally stable you are) inducing debate about when to carb-load and which energy gel is friendly on your intestinal walls
  • Don’t get stuck in an infinite loop of googling what fitness watch measures your heart-rate and cadence to a 3-digit precision
  • Resign to the fact that you are never going to be able to run a 5-minute mile
  • Don’t get overwhelmed by the most irrelevant stats about less than 1% of world’s population running a Marathon
  • Don’t let your ego get “Viagara”ized by the dumbest statements such as “finishing is all that matters” camouflaged as inspirational quotes
  • Just keep reminding yourself that running (and flooding FB with every trivia about your running) is a completely egotistical activity and fitness just happens to be a happy side-effect
  • Just put on a pair of shoes and start running one mile at a time…


50 States Marathon Goal

Completed (May 2016)


Marathon in all 7 Continents

Goal Completed (November 2016)


Goal to run 100 Marathons

Completed: October 2017


Goal to run  in 50 countries

In progress..

My speech at my son Dr. Sravisht Iyer's wedding - Niti & Sravisht - May 7, 2016, Sitges, Spain (Closed Caption available)

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